How fabulous to be open.....


What a year it has been. I think no one can dispute the craziness of it all, the loss or the despair that has been endured but equally for some, it has been a chance to change they way the live their lives for the future. 
For me, it was like we had permission to get off the roller coaster ride and actually take a break, staying safe, make and take in the beauty of nature. 
Although, when reality kicked in, it was fraught with anxiousness of how I'm going to keep my little business going.
Only in the December 19 I had stopped being a school teacher, taking the decision to come out of the profession to concentrate on passing my skills that I have learnt onto others from my shop when lockdown 1.0 happened.
So, to reopen on the 12th April 2021 was a miracle. I had, had so much support from family and friends that I had to make it work for them and for those who have continually supported the shop in-between lockdowns and during lockdowns. 
Can I go crazy and wild with happiness that I'm open?  hrmmmm tentatively....but it is fabulous to be open again.
Independent retail is not the same as a pub or a restaurant. It isn't something we think of first as a tangible product nor does it get the same publicity so independent retailers have to work ten times harder to bring customers back. However, being in my industry, it is one of the known industries that creates a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. It is also one of the industries that can bring people together again. 
So moving on, we have created a way to move our shop into a place that spending time together again is really important and you learn at the same time.
Queue our Courtyard, Craft & Chat sessions. These sessions have been developed so that we can offer a chance where crafters can gather COVID safe and chat face to face. Session places are being offered twice a week through subscription or on a ad hoc basis. You will receive a loyalty card so when you build up so many stamps, it means you can get money off items or free stuff which is always a bonus! Not only that, you will receive a free tea or coffee from nearby cafes while we chat. 
It is our commitment to mental health combining skills crafting and reducing loneliness. 
It's FABULOUS to be open again ! 
Thank you to you all for trusting us.
Come over soon or support us online. 
Online 24/7
Our shop is open: Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am til 4pm